All this “Trusted Advisor” Stuff

I’m a fan of David Maister. He’s authored and co-authored several books that focus on the management and development of professional service firms. He’s retired now, so I guess the things he had to say must have made sense to a lot of people, otherwise he’d probably still be at it.

In a book he co-authored called “The Trusted Advisor”; David makes the following points regarding commonly expressed client concerns related to their advisors. I’ll paraphrase:

  • They’re only interested in selling services, not solving our problems.
  • They don’t do anything to make us feel our business is important.
  • There are few signs they are really listening.
  • We don’t want romance….they should focus on being useful to us.

I believe I’ve found a bunch of people who really get this. They have worked as CFO’s within organizations for most of their professional careers. Now they have made the career shift and joined an origination called B2BCFO. By doing so, they have aligned themselves with other former CFO’s to pool experiences and resources to be not only trusted advisors, but outstanding trusted advisors.

If you know any CFO’s, then you know that they aren’t the “selling” type (if they were, why would they be a CFO?). You also know that they are solution focused and are accustomed to working with others to resolve problems. You can’t do this unless you are a listener and take seriously the business and its challenges. They enjoy the work, diversity of experience and the people they meet.

So the CFO type is a bit of a natural in overcoming the concerns of a client. To be part of an organization in a meaningful way, to be a solid contributor, facilitator and advocate…that’s the type of trusted advisor you get with a B2BCFO partner – so that’s why I joined.

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