B2B CFO Extends Leadership Position in Mid-Market Business Transitions

Source: MorningStar.com Company sees widespread adoption of its proprietary exit strategy software, increased demand for expertise as owners of mid-market companies struggle to sell their businesses B2B CFO, nation’s largest CFO and business transitions services firm, today released a summary of its Partners expertise in exit strategy leadership, highlighting a rapidly expanding client roster for… Read more »

The Case Against Retaining Those Talented, but THORNY Employees

A business should never ever – ever – tolerate a THORNY employee. THORNY employees come in all shapes and sizes. In this article I will put forth my case against THORNY employees. First, how to recognize a THORNY employee. Second, the significant organizational issues they create. And third, why they need to be purged from… Read more »

Award Winning Author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large Bo Burlingham to Keynote B2B CFO’s Annual Meeting

MESA, Ariz. [November 5, 2015] – B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO and Exit Strategies firm for privately held businesses, announced today that award winning author and Inc. Magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Bo Burlingham will keynote the National Partners Meeting to be held April 28-30, 2016. The invitation-only annual event that brings together all of B2B CFO’s Partners… Read more »

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Names B2B CFO Among Nation’s Top 100 Small Businesses at the 2015 Small Business Summit

B2B CFO wins Dream Big Award

U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NAMES B2B CFO AMONG NATION’S TOP 100 SMALL BUSINESSES AT THE 2015 SMALL BUSINESS SUMMIT B2B CFO’s Founder Jerry L. Mills brings top concerns of Small Business Owners and discusses Free Enterprise with members of Congress and Press MESA, Ariz. [July 7, 2015] – B2B CFO, the nation’s largest CFO and… Read more »


Picture Of Money Jar

The Wall Street Journal ran an interesting article on crowdfunding and the plethora of web sites that have cropped up as a result of recent law changes. Crowdfunding is a collective effort of individuals who network and pool money to support a variety of activities including start-up company funding.  The Jumpstart Our Business Startups or… Read more »

Your Financial Systems Need a Checkup

Seesaw With Liabilities And Assets

There are 7 deadly Financial Diseases that limit your business’s potential. On one side of the scale your financial systems can be a burden. On the other side it can provide your business with a unique competitive advantage. Your financial systems should be an organizational asset not a liability. If they are not, then I… Read more »

How to Jump Start the Economy

Line Graph Falling Off The Presentation

Small business has been hammered over the last four decades by a combination of cheap imports, the unprecedented rise of big corporations, soaring health care costs, rapidly changing technology tools and compliance costs for regulations.  For example, small manufacturing business spends on average $37k per employee to comply with federal regulations. Yet, studies reveal that… Read more »

Fifty Percent of Start-Ups Fail

Picture Of Startup Failures

The majority of start-ups go out of business within five years, and two-thirds are no longer operating ten years after being formed. Most failures are attributable to the following six reasons.       Some start-ups fail because of factors beyond their control. But responsibility for much of the high failure rate of startups lies… Read more »

7 Deadly Financial Diseases

Female Doctor With A Stethoscope

Introduction to the 7 Deadly Financial Diseases. The proper design and effective management of an organization’s financial systems are essential to the success of every business. Unfortunately, many small business owners are unaware on how strategically important financial management is to their business performance. Additionally, too few understand that a business’s financial acumen can provide a… Read more »